Managing wound care revenue cycles with a focus on compliance, coding and maximizing profitability.

We are a physician-owned company that offers end-to-end Revenue Cycle Services that improves efficiency, reduces overhead, and ensures user data confidentiality and security.


Medical Billing

Manage billing efficiently for timely and accurate reimbursement.


Eligibility and
Insurance Verification

Verify insurance coverage to prevent claim denials.



Obtain authorizations to ensure coverage for specific procedures.


Managed Billing Annually


Number of Claims Settled


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Provenio, a physician-owned company with extensive experience in the healthcare and financial sectors. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for supporting healthcare providers, Provenio has become the preferred partner for those seeking high-level Revenue Cycle Management services.

Our Core Service Offerings

Medical Billing

Efficiently manage the entire billing process to ensure timely and accurate reimbursement.

Eligibility and Insurance Verification

Verify patient insurance coverage and eligibility to prevent claim denials.


Obtain necessary pre-authorizations from insurance companies to ensure coverage for specific procedures.


Assist with the credentialing process to ensure healthcare providers are approved by insurance networks and regulatory bodies.

Medical Coding

Provide accurate and compliant medical coding to maximize reimbursement and ensure proper documentation.

Compliance Audits

Conduct thorough audits to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and billing practices.

Practice Consulting

Offer expert consulting services to optimize practice operations and financial performance.

Healthcare Staffing

Provide staffing solutions to meet the needs of healthcare practices, including temporary and permanent placements.

Contract Negotiation

Negotiate contracts with insurance companies and other entities to secure favorable terms for healthcare providers.

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We offer flexible working models to give clients exactly what they need.

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Quality > Quantity

Our company is rooted in healthcare, financial, and superior customer experience with an emphasis on quality – not quantity.

From strategy to implementation, our process is focused on your unique objectives and needs. As a result the level of service needed for success means we are strategic in our partnerships.

Transforming healthcare providers into healthcare leaders through tailored revenue cycle management propelling you toward success.

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